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Error "Unable to send message" in KigoPro

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You get the error "Unable to send message" when you send an Scheduled or On Demand message to your guest.
KigoPro - Reservations
Please check if the guest opted out of email, following the steps below:
  1. Go to KigoPro > Reservations
  2. Click All Reservations
  3. Locate booking then click on booking ID 
  4. Go to Activity
  5. Locate The guest opted out of email (receive SMS text only)
  6. If yes, check if SMS is filled for the On Demand message:
a. Click On Demand
b. Click Configurations
c. Click Custom Messages
d. Locate message > click Edit
e. Go to SMS Text
f. Fill in accordingly
g. Click Save
Additional Information
This error also happens when there is no email address associated with the booking. You may proceed to manually update the email address of the guest and upon updating, please proceed in sending the email to the guest. 



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