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Kigo Release Notes October 29, 2015

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on October 29, 2015.

Data Liberation Page Updated

Clients can access the standard Data liberation page from the Solution section of the navigation menu. From this page, you can schedule when you want to receive your data liberation files. Your data liberation files are sent to the e-mail listed as the technical contact in the solution setup. When you open your files, you are prompted to enter the password you listed on the Data liberation page in the Encrypt the file with the following password field. The image below shows the standard Data liberation page.

Standard Data Liberation Page

Clients with admin rights can access the platform admin Data liberation page from the Platform admin section in the navigation menu. The image below shows the platform admin Data liberation page.

Platform Admin Data Liberation Page


"Shared" and "Not Shared" Properties Available on My Channel's Info Page

Properties were no longer appearing on the My channel's info page after a property's share status was changed to "Not shared." Both "Shared" and "Not shared" properties are now available on the My channel's info page, and you may change the share status as needed.

My Channel's Info Page with Shared Status

My Channel's Info Page with Not Shared Status


iCal Importer Functions Correctly

The iCal importer was failing to run for some clients. This issue has been resolved.


InstaManager Clients are Redirected to Kigo

If you are a current InstaManager client, when you open InstaManager ( you will receive a message prompting you to switch to Kigo ( You may click the Proceed button if you want to switch to Kigo now, or click the Not at this time button if you want to continue using InstaManager. Note that all InstaManager users will be automatically migrated to the new Kigo platform by November 1, 2015. When you make the switch to Kigo, we recommend that you bookmark to give you easier access to the site.

Important Notice Box


Clients Can Update Guest Information on Booking Detail Page

Some clients could not update the E-mail or Phone fields for a saved booking on the Booking detail page. You can now update the E-mail and Phone fields to keep potential renter's information as accurate as possible.

 Booking Details Page


Properties Appear in Pick List on Rates & Availability Page

For some clients, the Pick list section on the Rates & availability page did not show their properties. The properties now appear in the Pick list section on this page so you can easily switch between properties when editing rates.

Rate & Availability Page - Pick List Section


All Available Properties Appear on the Properties Page

Some clients didn't see all of their properties on the Properties page. This issue has been resolved, and all of your properties appear on the Properties page. This update also corrects the number of properties that display for the individual channels on the My channels page, as well as the distribution feeds.

Properties Page

Channel Manager Page


BrasPag Processor Works with Live Production Credentials

The BrasPag processor and connection testing now work with live production credentials, allowing you to connect and process payments more quickly.


Rates & Availability Page for Selected Property Opens from the Edit Property Page

Clicking the Setup rates & availability button on the Edit property page was opening a blank Rates & availability page. Now if you click the Setup rates & availability button, the Rates & availability page opens populated with the property information.

Rates & Availability Page


Valid E-mail Address is Needed for Password Recovery Page

You must use a valid e-mail address registered with Kigo to recover your password using the Password recovery page. A system error message displays if you enter an invalid e-mail address.

Password Recovery Page Error Message


(Channels) Check-In and Check-Out Times Come from Property Solutions

The check-in and check-out times for channels come from the ones defined in the property solutions. This ensures the check-in and check-out times are accurately reflected in every channel.


Corporate News Changed to Kigo News on Home Page

The news section on the right side of the Kigo Home page is now called Kigo news. The new title more accurately describes the information that is available in this section.

Kigo Home Page



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