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Kigo Release Notes November 2017

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize Kigo software changes made in November 2017.

Address Section on the New/Edit Property Page Updated

The Address field on the New/Edit property page changed to Location. The Country field on this page is now a drop-down list.

New/Edit Property Page


UI/UX Updates/Changes

Minor user interface changes were made in Kigo App.

KIGO-1473 / KIGO-2764 / KIGO-2791 / KIGO-2792 / KIGO-2793 / KIGO-2835 / KIGO-2862

Fees Translate in Booking Statement E-mail Message

The Fees line item in Booking statement e-mail message now translates to the solution setup language.

Booking Statement E-mail Message


Internal Notes Option Available for Canceled Bookings

You can save internal notes in a canceled booking.

Internal Notes Option for Canceled Booking


Calendar Page Shows No Verbiage for Blockout Days

The Calendar page does not show any verbiage for blockout days on the external view of the Calendar page. The internal version of the Calendar page labels the blackout days as “iCal.”

Calendar Page


Refunds Available for Canceled Bookings Regardless of Booking Date Overlaps

You can refund a canceled booking even if the booking existed with the same check-in dates and guest name.

KIGO-2719 / KIGO-2750

“Hide Statement Info from Owners” Option Updated

Owners can’t view statements on the Booking summary page if the Hide statement info from owners check box is selected on the Booking setup page.


Calendar Page Legend Stays in Place

The legend on the Calendar page stays in one place regardless of the page size.

Calendar Page with Legend


Property Availability Calendar Updated

The Availability calendar page shows the days for each month included in the calendar. Only days that occurred in the past appear faded.

Availability Calendar Page


Public Listing Section Removed from the Property Search

The search results from the universal Search field no longer include the Public listing section.

Universal Search Field


Update Button is Available on the Occupancy Dashboard Page

The Update button on the Occupancy dashboard page is now functional.

Occupancy Dashboard Page with Update Button


Occupancy Dashboard Page Translates to the Solution Setup Language

The Occupancy dashboard page translates to your preferred language.

Translated Occupancy Dashboard Page


Custom Amenities are Red on the New/Edit Property Page

Amenities on the New/Edit property page appear in a red font if they are:

  • Solution-specific
  • Edited by the solution
  • Added in the solution

Tool tips are available for amenities that appear in red.

New/Edit Property Page with Custom Amenities


Entire Date Range Saves on Rates & Availability Page

When you save property rates on the Rates & availability page, the entire selected date range updates and saves, including the end date.


Data Liberation Support E-mail Address Changed

The e-mail address provided on the Data liberation page is now


(Channel Manager) KOM/Falcon Buttons are Hidden on the Channel Manager Page

The Falcon and KOM buttons are hidden from view on the Channel manager page.


(Channel Manager) HomeAway Last Updated Date Modified

When a property is modified in K2 we set the LastUpdatedOn to "now." HomeAway reads that time, and if it’s within three days then they read the property for the first time. Now every time that HomeAway reads the property, we decrease the LastUpdatedOn date by 18 hours so it falls out of the window faster and they won’t read it unnecessarily.


(Channel Manager) HomeAway Accurately Counts the Number of Bedrooms

The application accurately sends the Beds field to HomeAway, resulting in the correct counts for beds and for bedrooms in HomeAway.


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