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Kigo Release Notes November 12, 2015

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on November 12, 2015.

Rates Must be Set at Least One Year for Optimal Data Quality Score

Your property's rates must extend past one continuous year (365 days) to receive an optimal data quality score. If your rates are not set at least one year in advance, the highest data quality status you may have is "Average." A message is included in Rates field of the Data quality score explanation box that explains this requirement. You can view this box by clicking the Explain link on the Edit property page.

Data Quality Score Explanation Box


Passwords Can't be Reused

When you update your Kigo password, you must create a new and unique password. You must use a password that you have not used before.


Password Reset Expires After Fifteen Minutes

If your password is reset, you must use the temporary password sent to your e-mail address within fifteen minutes. The temporary password provided to you expires after fifteen minutes or after you use it, whichever comes first. You must reset your password again if the temporary password expires before you can use it.


Password Reset E-mail Message Updated

The password reset e-mail message now informs you of the rules for using your temporary password. It includes information about the password's expiration and one-time use. The temporary password you should use to reset your password is included in this message.


Users Must Enter Valid User Names to Reset Passwords

You must enter your user name (Kigo login) on the Password recovery page when resetting your password. Based on the validity of the user name you enter, you are sent a random single-use password you must use to reset the password for your account.

Password Recovery Page


Passwords Expire After 90 Days

Your Kigo password expires every 90 days. If your password is expired, after you log on to Kigo the Change password page appears requesting that you reset your password. You must reset your expired password to use the Kigo application.

Change Password Page

KIGO-850; KIGO-849

Password Lockout Implemented

Password lockout was implemented for Kigo. You are locked out of the Kigo application after six failed attempts to log on. Contact Kigo Support ( or (855) 977-0843) if you become locked out, and they can assist you with unlocking your account and resetting your password.


Data Quality Score Explanation Provides Score Improvement Suggestions

The Data quality section on the Edit property page provides guidance on improving a score of 4 to a score of 5. This can help you to create a site rich in the content that drives bookings. Viewing the Data quality score explanation box provides you with further guidance on improving your score.

Edit Property Page

Data Quality Score Explanation Box


(App Store) All Migrated Clients Can See and Select Value Added Services

Newly migrated clients could not see all of the offerings on the App store page, including Value added services. All migrated clients can now see and select Value added services on the App store page. In addition, migrated clients can now see the Kigo news section on the right side of the Home page.

Kigo App Store Page

Kigo Home Page


(App Store) Only One Kigo Revenue Management Package is Available

Some clients were seeing multiple Kigo Revenue Management packages on the App store page. There is now only one Kigo Revenue Management package available on the App store page.

Kigo App Store Page


New Solutions are Set to Non-Billable by Default

When you create new solutions, the Billable field is clear (not selected) by default on the Other tab of the Solutions page. This helps you make sure that you don't accidentally start billing new solutions before you are ready. Note that only users who are Platform Admins may create new solutions.

Solution Page


Receive Payment Box Improved

Improvements to the usability of the Receive payment box include:

  • Fields are correctly aligned and do not overlap
  • CVS field name changed to CSV
  • Drop-down fields provide the entire text of their options
  • Error messages are presented within the box

Receive Payment Box

Receive Payment Box with Error Messages


Password Requirements Added to Owner, Change Password, and Password Reset Pages

The Owner page, Change password page, and Password reset page include the new password requirements. On the Owner page and Password reset page, the password requirements appear when you click in the New password field. On the Change password page, the password requirements appear at the top of the page. These requirements indicate that the password must:

  • Be at least seven characters long
  • Contain one number (0 – 9)
  • Contain one lowercase letter (a – z)
  • Contain one uppercase letter (A – Z)
  • Contain one special symbol (!, @, #, $, %, ^, &, *, (, ), +, ?)
  • Not contain your user ID

Change Password Page

Owner Page

Password Reset Page


All Properties Page Highlights Property Scores

The Score column on the All properties page highlights the scores to indicate which properties need improvement. Properties with scores greater than 3 are highlighted green to indicate that these are high-scoring properties. Properties with scores 3 or lower are highlighted red to indicate that these are low-scoring properties. Knowing which scores are low can help you prioritize and take action to improve the low scores.

Properties Page



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