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Kigo Release Notes May 13, 2015

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on May 13, 2015.

Booking Rule Detail Page Updated

In very specific instances, the Booking Rule Detail page was displaying an error instead of the detailed booking rule information. Kigo has been updated so that all booking rules are displayed properly.


Interface Changes for Booking Detail, Take a Call, and Lead Request Pages

Several pages in Kigo have been updated to allow for greater ease of use. On each, the previous multi-column layout has been simplified to a single-column layout. In addition, the status messages displayed at the top of each page now scroll, remaining at the top of the page.

The pages include:

  • Booking Detail page
  • Take a Call page
  • Lead Request page

Example Redesigned single-column page


Websites List Updated

The Websites drop-down list has been widened to allow you to view more of the Kigo Websites URL names.
Websites drop-down list


Revenue Management Link Updated

Some companies experienced issues while connecting Kigo Revenue Management from the Kigo application when clicking the App Properties Revenue Management or Setup Properties Revenue Management. These links have been updated to reduce errors. This issue only affects companies using Kigo in conjunction with Kigo Revenue Management.


Navigation Menu Restored

Several pages in Kigo did not include the left navigation menu. The menu has been restored to the following pages:

  • Booking Rule Detail page for digital agreements
  • Deleted Items page
  • Booking Detail page for saved bookings
  • Connected Service Detail page
  • Rates & Availability Detail page
  • GM Dashboard page
  • Cleaning Company Detail page
  • Vendor Detail page
  • Booking Setup page
  • Maintenance Detail page


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