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Kigo Release Notes May 24, 2017

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize Kigo software changes made between May 10, 2017 and May 24, 2017.

Booking Statements Now Display Discounts as Negative Numbers

Discounts on the Line Item box are now displayed as negative numbers by showing a negative sign next to the Rate field. This makes it clear that the discount is always reduced from the statement total.

Line Items Box


Commission Statements Include Canceled Bookings with Payments

The Commission statements page now displays canceled bookings that have payments associated with them.


Montenegro is Available for the Booking Details Page Billing Address

The Country drop-down list on the Booking details page now includes Montenegro as an option.

Booking Details Page with Country Drop-Down List


Tag Drop-Down List Allows Multiple Tag Selections

The Tag drop-down list in the Search availability box allows the selection of multiple tags. This can help you locate the desired property more easily and quickly. This box is available in the Booking details, Take a call, and Lead request detail pages.

Search Availability Box


Property Managers Can Now Print Their Calendar

Property Managers can now print their calendar from the Calendar page.

Calendar Page


Invoices Due Page Displays the Correct Invoices

The Invoices due page only includes statements for active unpaid bookings.


Scrolling Feature Added to Search Availability Box

All of the properties in the Search availability box are displayed on a single page with a scroll bar. This box is available in the Booking details, Take a call, and Lead request detail pages.

Search Availability Box


See Bookings Link in Search Results Returns the Correct Bookings

Clicking the See bookings link for a contact returned from a universal search only returns bookings that belong to the selected contact.

Search Results with See Bookings Link


File Names for Uploaded Images Allow All Cases

The Property details page allows either capital or lowercase letters in file names when you upload image files.


E-Signature/DocuSign Agreements are Sent when Bookings are Confirmed

The DocuSign/E-Signature template is sent to the guest upon confirmation of the booking, which typically happens when a payment is made on the booking. This only applies to Property Managers who are using the E-signature service and functions by sending an electronic agreement for the guest to sign.


Renter ID Field on the Booking Summary Page Only Allows Numeric Values

The Renter ID field on the Booking summary page now only allows users to make a numerical search.


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