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Kigo Release Notes May 12, 2016

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on Thursday, May 12, 2016.

Calendar Language is the Same as the User’s Selected Language

On the Miscellaneous setup page and Calendar page, the calendar’s language is now based on the user’s selected language instead of solution set up language.


Public Name on Tax Page Keeps the Correct Name

When users saved the public name on the Tax page, it was rolling back to the original name. This issue has been resolved.

Tax Page


New Currencies Added to Application

There are three new currencies available:

  • LKR (Sri Lanka Rupee)
  • HUF (Hungary Forint)
  • RON (Romania New Leu)

You can select these new currencies from the Miscellaneous setup page, Solution setup page, and the Set up wizard.


Clients Can Modify Deposit Line Item Statements

On the Commission statement page, the deposit line item modifications in statements were occasionally resulting in incorrect data fetching from the database. This issue has been resolved.

Commission Statement Page


Data Quality Score Calculations Updated

While inserting the data/information for the property through BAPI call, the corresponding data quality score is now updated accurately. A SQL change was made to complete this update.


More Button Functions Properly on the Owner Details Page

Some clients were receiving a 500 error when they clicked the More button on the Owner details page. This issue had been resolved.


Payment Method Page Updated

The Payment method page was updated as follows:

  • Four credit card icons appear next to the Card type field.
  • Billing information field is now blue with bold text.
  • Alignment issues were fixed.
  • All headings are bold.

Payment Method Page


(Channel Manager) Specials/Discounts are Temporarily Excluded from Some Feeds

Specials and discounts are temporarily excluded from the feeds for FlipKey and TripAdvisor. This exclusion is in effect for FlipKey and TripAdvisor until issues with their feeds are resolved.


(Kigo Web Sites) Custom Web Page Tab Available

You can now customize your web site’s tab name using the Use custom page title – (SEO Title) option on the Edit page page.

Edit Page

Updated Web Site Tab


(Kigo Web Sites) Validation/Confirmation Message Appears for Contact Us Submissions

Upon successfully using the Contact us feature, guests receive a message confirming the submission of their request. All successful inquiries are entered as lead requests in the application. If the Contact us submission is not successful, guests receive a message indicating that the request could not be completed.

Validation Message


(Kigo Web Sites) Kigo Discovery Theme Updated

The following updates were made to the Kigo Discovery theme:

  • A flag display is available for web sites.
  • You can add or edit the Featured properties widget.
  • A new Full-Screen Content Page template is available. You can access this template from the Add new pages tool.

Kigo Discovery Theme Updates

Full-Screen Content Page Template on Add New Page


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