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Kigo Release Notes June 2018

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize Kigo software changes made in June 2018.

Channel Manager Type Used for Booking Created by Channels

Bookings created by a channel have the Channel Manager type on the Calendar page.

Calendar Page


Additional Amenity Types Added to Amenities List in KVRS

We added the Property Facilities and Included items and services types to the amenities list in KVRS.

Included Items and Services Amenities

Property Facilities Amenities


KVRS Calendar Shows N/A for Blank Bookings

The KVRS Calendar page displays N/A in the Booked by field for blank bookings.

Booked By Field on Calendar Page


Booking Detail Page Accessible in FireFox

The Bookings detail page is now accessible in FireFox.

Booking Detail Page


Calendar Page Legend Can Use Up to 100 Colors

The Calendar page legend now has up to 100 colors readily available for assignment.


Booking Details Page Adjusts to Fit a Mobile Device View

The Booking detail page automatically scales down to fit the screen size when you view it on a mobile device.

Booking Detail Page on Mobile Device


“English-Ireland” Language Option Unsupported on Kigo Sites

At this time we do not support the English-Ireland language option on Kigo sites. You must instead select English-US.


Property Detail Location Map Features Updated

On the Property detail location map, you can now zoom in and zoom out and click other listed features.

Property Detail Location Map


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