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Kigo Release Notes July 29, 2015

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on July 29, 2015.

Lead Request E-mail Forms Use the Property's Currency

The rate quote in the lead request e-mail was not matching the rate quote shown on the Lead request page. This issue occurred because the currency used to create the rate didn't match on the Lead request page and the e-mail form. The lead request e-mail form now considers the property's currency when the lead does not indicate a currency, which resolves the issue.


Connection Pending Message Displays for Connection Requests

When you select Connect on the All channels page, a box displays indicating that your connection to the channel is still pending. The message in this box clarifies the channel connection process and provides an explanation on what you need to do next. After you click OK, the My channel's info page displays.

Connection Pending Message Example


Connection Requested Status Added to Channel Manager

Channels that are pending connection have a Connection requested status on the Preferred channels page and All channels page. This status displays after you select the Connect link on the All channels page, and it remains until the channel partner receives your properties and availability. The status will then change to Connected and indicate the date and time the channel partner received the information.

Connection Request Status Example


Unavailable Channels in Channel Manager Display a "Coming Soon" Message

Channels that are not yet available display the message "Coming Soon" on the All channels page. This lets you know that the channels will soon be available but are not ready for connection requests.

Channel Manager "Coming Soon" Example


Correct Language Used in Auto-Responder E-mail Messages

Auto-responder e-mail messages for lead requests were sent in the incorrect language. These e-mail messages are now sent in the language used by the web site.


HomeAway Data Feeds Use the Property Owner's Currency

The data feeds for some clients were using the incorrect currency. This issue is resolved and the HomeAway data feeds now use the property owner's currency.


HomeAway Bookings Convert Negative Values to Discounts

Bookings for HomeAway were failing due to items with negative values. Items with negative values are now converted to discounts, which allows HomeAway bookings to process correctly.


HomeAway Data Feeds Work for Clients with Other Activities

Data feeds were not working in HomeAway for clients who did not have any Other activities. HomeAway data feeds now work as expected.


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