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Kigo Release Notes July 2, 2015

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on July 2, 2015.

Invoice Detail Category Added to Menu

The Invoice detail category appears in the Accounting section of the navigation menu. Clicking the Invoice detail category opens the Invoice page.

Invoice Detail Category in Navigation Menu


Automatic E-mails Use the Default Language for Unsupported Languages

Automatic e-mails for bookings, lead requests, and contacts were sent blank when a language unsupported by the solution was selected. Automatic e-mails are now sent in the current solution's default language when an unsupported language is selected.


Correct Flags Appear in Kigo Web Sites

Kigo web sites did not have the correct flags for Sweden, Denmark, or Catalonia in their headers. The header now shows the correct flags to accurately indicate the web site languages (Swedish, Danish, and Catalan).

Swedish, Danish, and Catalan Flags in Kigo Web Sites

KIGO-392 / KIGO-510

Lead Requests are Accurately Marked Available

Lead requests for multi-unit properties were marked as unavailable when other units were still available. Lead requests are now accurately marked as available when there are units remaining.


Document Templates Tags Updated

The Site tags on the Doc template page no longer include the Review ExternalLink tag.


HomeAway Groups Advertisers under One URL

Previously each advertiser in HomeAway had its own URL. HomeAway now uses a single URL that groups the advertisers together.


Left Actions Removed from GM Dashboard Page

The left actions have been removed from the GM dashboard page. This removes the newsfeed from the page.


Edit Property Page Displays Save and Save & Close Buttons Consistently

The Save and Save & close buttons on the Edit property page were not consistently displaying. This issue has been resolved.


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