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Kigo Release Notes July 15, 2015

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on July 15, 2015.

Urgent Notices Appear in Pop-Up Boxes

Urgent notices will appear in a pop-up box in Kigo. These notices will only appear once and require you to close them.


Follow Up Events Created from Lead Request E-mails

In some instances on the Lead request page, follow up events were not created when the Follow up option was selected in the Email box. Follow up events are now created when you select the Follow up option in the Email box.


Properties Page Provides Option to Remove All Sample Data

The More action menu on the Properties page provides the Remove all sample data option. This option lets you remove sample data from your properties that may be affecting the accuracy of your information. Test properties whose names or AltIDs have been changed are not removed.

Remove All Sample Data Option on Properties Page


Booking Summary Page Allows Booking Deletions

Some clients were unable to delete bookings from the Booking summary page. This issue has been resolved, allowing all clients to delete bookings from this page.


Searches on Invoices Due Page Only Use Valid Numbers in ID Field

On the Invoices due page, decimal points and text in the ID field caused issues during searches. The search on the Invoices due page now only uses valid numbers.


(Mobile) Save Button Accessible for Statement Regeneration Modal

On mobile devices, the Statement regeneration modal on the Lead request page was not centered. This prevented users from updating stay and statement information because they could not access the Save button. The Statement Regeneration modal now automatically adjusts to fit on mobile screens, making the Save button accessible. The centering for the desktop and tablet view has also been adjusted.

Save Button on Statement Regeneration (Mobile Screen)


Digital Agreements No Longer Sent for Imported Bookings

Digital agreements were sent for imported bookings with a check-in date that occurred after the import date. Digital agreements are no longer sent for imported bookings.


Default Country Selection Only Changes the Date Format

The language used in calendars was chosen based on the selected default country. For example, if the default country was Spain then the calendar months and days were in Spanish. This is corrected so that only the date format changes based on the selected default country.

KIGO-659 / KIGO-660

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