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Kigo Release Notes January 14, 2016

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on January 14, 2016.

(Channels) Minimum Stay Requirements Apply to Channels

For some clients, the minimum stay rules selected in Kigo were not correctly applying to channels. The minimum stay requirements are now honored when sent to channels. This allows clients to receive bookings that meet their business plan needs.


Digital Agreements Only Sent for Bookings Created After Sign Up

If you sign up for DocuSign/E-Signature, digital agreements are only sent for bookings that occur after you sign up. This ensures your previous renters only receive digital agreements for their current and future bookings.


New Passwords Must Differ from Last Nine Passwords

When you change your password, the new password you use must be different from the last nine passwords that you used.

Change Password Page


Required Password Resets Include an Explanation

If you are required to change your password upon log on, you now receive a message explaining why you must change your password. Required password changes typically occur for either expired passwords or security reasons.

Change Password Page with Reset Explanation


Kigo News Feed Displays the Date of the Post

The Kigo news feed posts were showing the current date under every post. The posts in the Kigo news feed now show the date that the post was created.

Kigo News Feed


(Channel Manager) Rent Adjustment Accuracy Improved on My Channels Page

For some clients the Rent adjustment percentage on the My channels page was changing after it was saved. The Rent adjustment percentage now maintains the percentage that you select.

Channel Manager Page Rent Adjustment


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