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Kigo Release Notes December 3, 2015

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on December 3, 2015.

Booking Detail E-mails Messages Sent in Selected Language

Some e-mails messages sent from the Booking detail page were not completely translated to the selected language. E-mail messages sent from this page are now fully translated.


Only Active Solutions Can Select Options from the App Store

Only active solutions can select channel partners or services from the App store. If you have a trial solution and you try to access channel partners or services from the App store, a box opens stating that you must activate your account to select a channel partner or service. If wanted, you can click the Activate button in the box to activate your solution.

Channel Manager Notification Box


Property Data Spreadsheet Uses Public Headline in Headline Column

The Headline column was showing the Internal name in the Property data spreadsheet downloaded from the Platform Admin Data liberation page. The Headline column in the Property data spreadsheet now uses the Public headline from the Edit property page.


Lead Request Page Includes Complete Information

For some clients, leads submitted to Kigo were missing information on the Lead request page. This issue has been resolved, and the Lead request page now includes all entered information.

Lead Request Page


(Channel Manager) Shared Property Count Updated

The shared property count on the Channel manager and My channel's info page was inaccurate. The factors considered in calculating the property count are updated, and the property count is now accurate.


Notification E-mail Sent After Password Lockout

You are sent a Lockout notification e-mail if you become locked out of Kigo due to six failed attempts to log on.


Password Reset E-mail Message Updated

The Password reset e-mail message explains that the password reset link expires in fifteen minutes, and provides instructions on what you should do if it expires.


Property Minimum/Maximum Rates Update for Rent Adjustments

Rent adjustments made in Channel manager were not modifying the minimum and maximum rates of properties. This issue has been resolved.


Kigo Session Logs Out After Fifteen Minutes of Inactivity

If your Kigo session is open and you are inactive for fifteen minutes, you are automatically logged out of the Kigo application. Inactivity is defined as no typing, scrolling, or mouse movement. This feature provides added security to your Kigo session, as it helps to prevent unauthorized use of your unattended Kigo application.

Five minutes prior to log out, a box will appear notifying you that your Kigo session is about to expire. A timer appears on the box letting you know how much time you have before you will be logged out. Your Kigo session resumes if you click Keep working, and ends if you click Logout or if you do not do anything for five minutes.

Note that if you are logged out, you lose any unsaved changes.

Idle Notice Box

Logon Page with Logout Notice

KIGO-1115, KIGO-1139

Password Expiration Process Improved

If your password is expired, you are redirected to the Change password page. You cannot browse away from this page until you change your password. After you change your password on the Change Password page, you are redirected to the Home page. You must use the new password the next time you log on to Kigo.


Updated Welcome E-mail Sent from Setup Wizard

The Welcome e-mail sent from the Setup wizard was using an older version. The Setup wizard now sends the newest version of the Welcome e-mail.


Important Notices Appear on Home Page

Important notices were not appearing on the Home page after logging on. This issue has been corrected, and you are alerted to important notices by a box that appears after you log on.

The important notices message that sometimes appears after you log on has the following new message: "As part of our efforts to enhance the reliability of our services, this window has been created to alert you of any important notices."

The format for the news content in the Kigo news section is also improved.

KIGO-1129; KIGO-1144

Password Reset Token in Welcome E-mail Expires After 24 Hours

The password reset token included in your Welcome e-mail expires after 24 hours. You must use the password reset token prior to its expiration to create a password for your Kigo account.


Home Page Appears After Logging on with New Password

Some clients were being redirected to the Change password page after logging on with an updated password. The Home page now appears after you log on with a new password.


Vendor Welcome E-mail Includes Password Reset Token

The Welcome e-mail sent to new vendors did not contain a password reset token. A password reset token is now included in the vendor Welcome e-mail.


Legal Disclaimer

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