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Kigo Release Notes December 18, 2015

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on December 18, 2015.

Reports Consistently Run from the Run Reports Page

The reports from the Run reports page were occasionally not displaying as expected. The reports now run consistently from the Run reports page.

Run Report Page

Report Example


Password Update Notification E-mail is Sent for Password Changes

When you change your Kigo password, an e-mail message is sent to you confirming that your password was successfully updated.


New Packages Summary Page Available to Platform Admins

The Packages page (available only to Platform Admins) has a new Packages summary button that opens the Packages summary page. From the Packages summary page, you can view an overview of the packages and their content, including:

  • Cost
  • Overview
  • Details
  • Terms
  • Notes
  • Fulfillment task list

Packages Page

Packages Summary Page


Invalid Old Password Message Updated

If you enter an invalid Old password on the Change password page, you now receive the message "Unable to change password. Old Password is not valid!" This message has been updated to help clarify the reason why you cannot change your password.

Change Password Page with Error Message


Password Recovery Page Includes Support Team Phone Number

The phone number of Kigo's Support team, 1-855-977-0843, is located on the Password recovery page.

Password Recovery Page with Kigo Support Number


(HomeAway) Per Person Rate Mode Provides Accurate Rates

HomeAway was displaying incorrect rates when clients changed the rate mode to Per person. The correct rates now display when you change the rate mode to Per person in HomeAway.


(Web Sites) Dates are Applied to the Search Results in the Booking Widget

When renters used the Booking widget to search a web site, they were prompted for their dates of stay on the Search results page even though the dates already appeared in the Search fields. The dates entered in the Search fields are now carried over to the Search results page, which helps to reduce confusion when renters perform searches.

Web Page with Search Results


Bookings Process Credit Cards

Some clients were receiving an error message related to credit cards after creating bookings from the Booking detail page. This issue has been resolved, and you will no longer receive an error message.


All Bookings and Blockouts are Used to Determine Availability

Blockouts were not loading for properties that had blockouts saved with a checkout date greater than three years from the current date. This resulted in unavailable properties being shown as available for booking. All bookings and blockouts are now used to determine a property's availbility for bookings.


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