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Kigo Release Notes April 7, 2016

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on Thursday, April 07, 2016.

"Kigo Professional Services" Renamed "Kigo Digital Marketing" in the App Store

In the App store, the Kigo professional services section is now called Kigo digital marketing. In addition, the 3rd party services section is now called Kigo 3rd party services.

App Store Page


Important Message Box Includes Link to Message

The Important message box now includes a brief summary of the update and a link to an article with more detail.

Important Message Box


Kigo Support Number Appears on Login Page

The Kigo support number is now available on the Kigo Login page.

Login Page


(Channel Manager) Headline in HomeAway Feed Matches Headline in Kigo Application

For some clients, the headline in HomeAway did not match the internal name or headline in the Kigo Application. This issue has been resolved.


(Kigo Revenue Manager) Rates in the Kigo Application Match Rates in Kigo Revenue Manager

For some clients, the rates on the Rates & availability page did not match the rates in Kigo Revenue Manager. This issue has been resolved. The rates are the same on the Rates & availability page and in Kigo Revenue Manager. This helps clients to know what renters should pay.


(Kigo Revenue Manager) Kigo Revenue Manager Opens from Kigo Application

Some clients were unable to open Kigo Revenue Manager from the (Navigation) menu in the Kigo application. This issue has been resolved.


(Kigo Web Sites) Custom Page Titles Available

You can add custom page titles to your web sites using the SEO title field on the All pages page of Kigo Web Sites Editor.


(Kigo Web Sites) Custom JavaScript Available for All Pages

The new field Custom JavaScript is available on the pages Add new page and Edit page in the Kigo Web Sites Editor. Using the Custom JavaScript field you can add custom JavaScript to any of the pages in your Kigo web site. You can add the same JavaScript to every page, or you can add JavaScript on a per page basis.

Custom JavaScript Field

KWEB-154; KWEB-278

(Kigo Web Sites) New "Kigo Discovery" Theme Available

A new theme called Kigo Discovery is available. You may select this theme on the Themes page in the Kigo web sites editor.

Kigo Discovery Theme

If you select this theme, some changes occur to the functionality of Kigo Web Sites. These include but are not limited to:

  • Updated options on the Widgets page, including new widgets, new widget areas, and a color-coordinated theme to easily identify WordPress widgets, theme widgets, and Kigo widgets.
  • New and changed options on the Customize theme page, including Menu, Widgets, Global settings, Social icons, Page: About us, and Page: Contact.
  • A new KD options section, where you can find these new pages:
    • Options: From this page, you can select specific properties to display a map instead of an image in the hero image.
    • Custom styles: From this page, you can update custom CSS. This page replaces the Custom CSS tab previously available on the Theme options page.
    • Custom scripts: From this page, you can update advanced header scripts.
    • Sidebars pages: From this page, you can add new page sidebars.
  • A new Items section, where you can find these pages:
    • All items: From this page, you can view, edit, and delete items.
    • Add new: From this page, you can add new items.
    • Item types: From this page, you can create new item types.
  • A new Team section, where you can find these pages:
    • All team members: From this page, you can view, edit, and delete team members.
    • Add new team member: From this page, you can create new team members.
  • The Theme options page is unavailable for this theme. Its features moved to the KD options section mentioned above.
  • Changes to the user interface, including new fonts, new icon libraries, updated search bars, updated layout, and improved search engine optimization (SEO).

KWEB-214; KWEB-242

(Kigo Web Sites) Attractions Pages Show Maps in the Mobile Versions of Kigo Web Sites

The Attractions pages in the mobile version of Kigo web sites include a map that indicates the locations of the attractions.


(Kigo Web Sites) New Footer Options Added

The Kigo footer widget now has four widget areas (columns). By default, the first column contains the new Social-footer widget and the last column contains the menu. You may make these selections from the Widgets page. You also now have the option to change the link colors for the footer from the Theme options page.


(Kigo Web Sites) Validation Message Appears When Users Submit Requests

After users submit a request from a Kigo web site, they now receive a message that either confirms the request submission or informs them that the request could not be completed.

Validation Message


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