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Kigo Release Notes April 5, 2015

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Product Changes
These release notes summarize changes for the Kigo update release on April 5, 2015.

Digital Agreements Now Sending for All Recipients
Digital agreements (with electronic signatures) were not being sent by Docusign in a small subset of instances due to accent marks in the recipient's name.
ID: KIGO-196

Link to Kigo Revenue Management Now Available in Kigo
A link to Kigo Revenue Management (or KRM) is now available in Kigo under the Properties menu item. If your property is using KRM and you have the General Manager role (or equivalent), a link to Kigo Revenue Management now displays in the following locations:
  • App – Property – Revenue Management
  • Setup – Property – Revenue Management
Menu location for new Revenue Management link
ID: KIGO-115

Subtitles Restyled to Conform With Visual Hierarchy
Throughout Kigo, subtitles now use a slightly smaller font, to increase the usability of pages. Previously, subtitles were the same size as the page titles.
ID: KIGO-114

Date Selector Code Streamlined
The date selector object used throughout Kigo has been streamlined, allowing pages to load faster, also ensuring consistent styling.

New Kigo Websites Menu Items Allow Access to Kigo
When logged into your Kigo WordPress websites, a new Kigo app menu option on the menu allows you quick access to related areas of the Kigo application. Areas include:
  • Manage properties
  • Set up property finders
  • Set up attractions
  • Add specials
  • Optional services
Updated Admin menu for Kigo Websites
ID: KIGO-214

Performance Improvement to Booking Queries
Code has been streamlined to improve performance when performing database queries related to bookings.

Channel Manager Changes Updated Immediately in Search Results
Changes have been made to ensure that search results for items in the Channel Manager are not cached, ensuring accurate search results immediately after changes are made.

Kigo Now Supports Additional Currencies for Payment Processing
Four additional currencies have been added for Authorize.Net payment processing. These currencies include:
  • Australian Dollar
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Euro
  • British Pound
ID: KIGO-124

General Performance Improvements
Code has been optimized to improve query performance throughout Kigo.

iCal Sync Now Properly Importing Blockouts
There was an issue with iCal synchronizing blockouts in specific instances.
ID: KIGO-165

Importing Rates with Per-Person Pricing Resolved
There was an issue reported where the rate structure was not being imported properly when using a per-person pricing structure.
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