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Kigo Release Notes April 23, 2015

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize changes for the Kigo update release on April 23, 2015.

App Store Now Includes All Apps

Previously, when you subscribed to a service in the App Store page, the app was no longer displayed. Now subscribed and unsubscribed services are displayed in the App Store.



Auto Suggest Feature on New Lead Request Page Updated

On the New Lead Request page, when you select a property and click the Auto Suggest button, a message now displays if there are no available properties to suggest. Previously, if you clicked the Auto Suggest button and no available properties could be found, this list remained empty.



Booking Agent Role No Longer Has Access to Edit Properties

Previously, a Kigo user assigned to the Booking Agent role could access the Edit Property page using the search function. This issue has been corrected, and someone with the Booking Agent role can no longer edit properties.



Header Menu Updates

The tab indicator has been updated to allow you to more easily see which section of Kigo is active. The active menu option is now shown in a dark blue color, with a matching underline.

An example of the updated header menu



Kigo Websites: Market Areas Hierarchy Search Drop Down

If your Kigo Website uses market areas, the market areas shown in the Location drop-down list on your Kigo Website will now display properties indented under the associated market area, making this list easier for your customers to use and understand.

An example of the updated Locations list for Kigo Websites



Test Button for BrasPag Credit Card Processing

The Test button used to confirm that Kigo is communicating properly with BrasPag is now working properly.


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