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Kigo Release Notes April 21, 2016

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on Thursday, April 21, 2016.

Data Quality Score Accurately Reflects the Property Description

On the Edit property page, some clients with full property descriptions were receiving the following data quality score message: "Description length is only 0 chars. It should be 500 characters or more."

The data quality score now accurately consumes and reflects the property description. This allows clients to distribute to their web sites and/or channels.

Edit Property Page


Inactive Lead Requests Set to "Completed" Status after 30 Days

Lead requests on the Lead requests page are set to a "Completed" status after 30 days of inactivity.


Credit Card Number is Optional on Booking Detail Page

The Card number field on the Booking detail page is optional.

Booking Detail Page


Dishwasher Amenity is Available in the Baseline

The Dishwasher amenity is now available in the Kigo baseline.


"Bookings by Lead Source" Report Includes the Total LOS

The Bookings by Lead Source report now includes an LOS column. This column shows the number of booked nights. You may find this useful for comparing and reviewing the number of booked nights against your Kigo invoice.

Bookings by Lead Source Report


Rates Required for Data Quality Score of 4 or Higher

Properties were receiving data quality scores of 4/5 when they did not have rates. Properties must now have rates to achieve a data quality score of 4 or higher. This change is aimed at improving property performance during distribution to a Channel Partner.


Address1, City, and Country Fields are Mandatory on the Property Details Page

The Address1, City, and Country fields are now mandatory when adding or editing a property. If you leave these fields empty on either the Edit property page or the New property page, a validation message appears beside them stating that they are mandatory to save your property.

Edit Property Page


(Spreedly) Stripe Payment Processor is Available

The Stripe payment processor is now available for Spreedly. This allows Spreedly clients to begin receiving payments using Stripe.

Stripe Payment Processor


Agent Dashboard Page Allows Clients to Modify the Report Criteria

Some clients could not change the date range on the Agent dashboard page. This issue has been resolved. Clients can modify the report criteria on the Agent dashboard page using the Month, Week, and Day options, as well as select a date range to view the booking history.

Agent Dashboard


Data Quality Score Calculations Updated

Properties in the application can only get a maximum data quality score of 5/5 if their rates are set for at least one year in the future. For example, if today is 04/18/2016, then a property must have rates set through 04/18/2017 to be able to receive the maximum score.


"Triphedge Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection" Product Available for Rental Guardian

The Triphedge Cancel for Any Reason Travel Protection product is now available for Rental Guardian. This option is available from the Connected services page any time that the Rental Guardian package is selected in the App store.

Connected Services Page


Rental Guardian Property Protection Links Updated

The Global rental protection waiver links for Rental Guardian are now called Property protection contents (world). These links are generated when clients select Rental Guardian in the App store. The change is reflected in all relevant locations, including the Connected services link, associated fees, smart tags, and so on.

Connected Services Page


Rental Guardian Travel Insurance Links Updated

The Rental guardian travel ins links are now called Trip cancellation and travel insurance. These links are generated when clients select Rental Guardian in the App store. The change is reflected in all relevant locations, including the Connected services link, associated fees, smart tags, and so on.


Advanced Tab Updated on Edit Property Page

Several updates were made to the Advanced tab on the Edit property page, including:

  • The Other section is now called Web site settings.
  • A new Do not show prices on site option is available.
  • The options in this section are listed in a new order.

Edit Property Page - Advanced Tab


(Channel Manager) Specials/Discounts are Temporarily Excluded from Some Feeds

Specials and discounts are temporarily excluded from the feeds for FlipKey and TripAdvisor. This exclusion is in effect for FlipKey and TripAdvisor until issues with their feeds are resolved.


(Kigo Web Sites) Turn Day Message Updated

Updates were made to the message that appears on web sites if guests do not meet the turn day requirements. The days of the week are now spelled out, and proper punctuation is used.


Legal Disclaimer

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