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Kigo Release Notes April 16, 2015

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize changes for the Kigo update release on April 16, 2015.

Performance Improvement to Booking Queries

Code has been streamlined to improve performance when performing database queries related to bookings.


New Action Shortcuts

A New button now displays under the search bar on all pages. This button provides shortcuts to the following common actions from anywhere in Kigo:

  • New Booking
  • New Lead
  • New Phone Call
  • New Property
  • New Development
  • New Maintenance Task
  • New Invoice
  • New Owner Booking

Some of these actions may not be displayed, depending on your user role or the plan selected for your company's solution.

New context shortcut menu



My Channels Page Improved

The My Channels page has been updated, improving the interface. The controls in the Rent Adjustment column have been updated for ease of use.

Improved My Channels page controls



Channel Manager Redesigned

The Preferred Channels page and All Channels page have been updated for greater usability. Each channel can now display a summary description. Any preferred partners also include a preferred partner badge. Depending on the current status of the channel, you can also choose to connect or disconnect the channel.

Channel Manager - Preferred Partner badge

Improved Channel Manager interface



Digital Agreements Not Sent for Owner Bookings

The logic for digital agreements has been updated, and digital agreements are no longer sent for owner bookings, and are only delivered based on house bookings as well as online bookings. This change only affects solutions that use digital agreements.


Send Ticket Link Updated
Inside Kigo, the Send a ticket link has been updated the Kigo Support Center at
Support Center Link


Booking Inquiry Notification Template Updated

The hyperlink for processing the lead that is included in the Booking Inquiry Notification e-mail messages has been updated to allow you to properly process the lead request from the received e-mail message.



Entering Addresses on the Owner Detail Page

In some instances, the auto-complete feature was interfering with the ability to enter address information for an owner contact.



Pre-Stay and Post-Stay E-mail Templates

The Pre-Stay and Post-Stay e-mail templates selected on the Triggers page are now used when you choose to send the guest an e-mail message from the Booking Detail page. Previously, the default Pre-Stay and Post-Stay templates were used instead.



Tax Collection Report and Tax Collection by Owner and Unit Report Improvements

Previously, the Tax Collection report and the Tax Collection by Owner and Unit report generated different statement totals. This issue has been resolved.


Contact Information Detail More Link Improved

For a small subset of contacts, clicking the More link on the Owner page did not open the detailed contact information page. This issue has been resolved.

Owner Contact Detail


Entering Rates Using Selected Currency

When entering rates at the Rates & Availability page, you can now enter the rates using the solution's preferred currency culture.



Imported Duplicate Contacts

Imported contacts are now checked to ensure that duplicate records are not created.



Importing Contacts with Tags

Imported contacts can now include tags. For example if importing an owner contact, the contact information now includes the owner tag.


Legal Disclaimer
This document and the policies and procedures contained herein are the confidential and proprietary information of RealPage, Inc. This document may not be copied, distributed, or otherwise disclosed outside of RealPage facilities, and may not be used in any way unless expressly authorized by RealPage.



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