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Kigo Release Notes May 20, 2015

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize software changes made during the Kigo update release on May 20, 2015.

Results Pages Updated

On pages where you can search and filter objects, a company noticed while the first page of results contained the appropriate number of objects, the remaining pages contained more results than expected. The amount of results returned for all pages has been fixed.



Kigo Websites: GoDaddy Security Seal Now Displays on Make Booking Page

The GoDaddy security verification seal can now be displayed on the Make Booking page.

KIGO-72 Now Redirects to

Companies who log in to Kigo from are now redirected to, and a message displays a reminder to update bookmarks to the new URL.



Mustache Tags Placed Inside of Textdata Tags Now Validating Properly

Previously, inserting a mustache tag inside of a textdata tag caused the mustache tag to not resolve properly. This issue has been resolved. An example of the tag that is now working properly is {textadata.{{Property.Address1}}Property}.



Connecting to FlipKey in Channel Manager Issue Resolved

A company experienced errors when connecting to FlipKey, due to authentication issues. These issues have been resolved.



Consolidation Settings on Booking Engine Settings/Booking Setup Page

Some companies experienced issues while updating specific settings on the Booking Setup page. This update resolves issues with the following settings:

  • Consolidate taxes into service total
  • Consolidate fees into service total
  • Consolidate deposits into service total



SEO Editor for Market Area Detail Page Now Available for Kigo Plans P2-P6

The SEO Editor for the Market Area Detail page is now available for properties that use Kigo Websites and subscribe to Kigo Plan 2 - Plan 6.



Extraneous Return Menu Option Removed

At the Setup page, an extraneous Return option was displayed on the navigation menu. This option has been removed.



Search Results on the Setup Page Now Displaying Properly

When searching from the Setup page, the search results were displayed on the main portion of the application. Now, when searching from the Setup page, the search results are properly displayed under the search field.


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