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Kigo Release Notes March 25, 2015

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Product Changes

These release notes summarize changes made during the Kigo update release on March 25, 2015.

Amount Due Now Statement Smart Tag Displays Correct Amount

In some instances, the Amount Due was incorrectly displayed as $0.00 on e-mail reminders, even when a balance was due. This issue has been corrected.

Improved Foreign Language Translations for Statement Information

When statement information is included in a guest e-mail message, such as the Pre-Stay letter, the statement information was not being translated in some instances. This has been improved.

Added Token Support for

Kigo now supports tokenization for credit card payments. This allows companies that use for payment processing to take advantage additional security features, and the ability to use the Customer Information Manager.

Amenity Resource Strings Now Translating into Multiple Languages

When using foreign language Kigo websites, some amenities were not being properly translated on the All Rentals page. Top amenities are now displayed in the translated language.

Kigo  Now Supports PayPal REST API Transactions

Kigo now supports a new PayPal REST API for standard clients.

Extranets Updated to Kigo 2 User Interface

Extranets for some companies were not using the updated Kigo 2 user interface, and were instead displaying Extranets using the InstaManager user interface. This issue has been corrected.
ID: KIGO-61 Refund Transactions Resolved

Some users experienced an issue where they could not cancel a payment in Kigo to match when the payment was refunded on This issue has been corrected.

Property Finder Property Names now translating on Kigo Websites

The Property Finder component on foreign language Kigo websites was not properly translating the property names, and was instead displaying the property names in the original language. This issue has been resolved.

System Performance Improvement on booking SQL Queries

SQL queries related to booking functions have been optimized, allowing for more efficient queries, and faster returned results.

Put Property API Call Now Saving Property Headlines

In some situations, the property headline was not saved when using a Put Property API call, where the internal name was not passed. Now, the API uses the property headline if the internal name is not passed to the Put Property call.
ID: KIGO-168

Lead Requests Required Information

Companies were able to create and save lead requests without including all of the required information. This issue has been corrected, and all required fields (denoted by a red asterisk) are now validated before saving a lead request record.

Variable Text Now Resolving in New User Welcome E-mail Message

In the e-mail message sent to new Kigo 2 users, variable tags were not resolving properly. This issue has been resolved.

Lead Request Summary Improved Search Functionality

On the Lead Request Summary page, previously you could search for lead requests, even if the Check In From date was after the Check In To date. This issue has been corrected. Now you cannot perform a search for lead requests unless the search parameters are valid.

All Channels page of Channel Manager Now Sorting Properly

The channels displayed on the Channel Manager page were not being displayed in the proper order. This issue has been resolved.

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