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Kigo Release Notes March 18, 2015

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Product Changes
These release notes summarize changes made for the Kigo update release on March 18, 2015.

Document Template Editor Redesigned

The Document Template Editor has been updated to allow easier for easier template creation. Primary improvements include:
  • Streamlined text editor controls
  • Ability to verify template to ensure that template content was correctly created
  • Ability to select variable tags from a categorized list, eliminating the need for manual entry
For more information on using the updated Document Template Editor, see Doc Template.

SyncLinks added to QuickSearch

You can now use the universal search to locate SyncLinks.

Updated E-mail Parsing Process to Reflect HomeAway Changes

HomeAway recently updated the format used for sending automated e-mail messages. This update ensures that messages sent from HomeAway can now be properly parsed by Kigo. This also improves e-mail message processing for any other channel partner using standardized MIME formats.

Suggested Properties Smart Tag Updated

The Suggested Properties smart tags used when creating document templates have been updated to more accurately reflect the currency option that is selected when sending an e-mail message to a lead or guest.

Updates to Fee Detail Page and Tax Detail Page

The Fee Detail page and the Tax Detail page have been updated to include the public name that is used in Kigo websites and guest communication as well as the internal name, used by the Kigo application.

Can Select a Property from the Take a Call Page

Previously, there was an issue with the Take a Call page, and you could not complete the process of choosing a property. This issue has been resolved.
ID: 0006842

Context-Sensitive Help Now Available

Targeted online help is available throughout Kigo by clicking the Help button in the lower-right corner of the interface. Additionally, the Knowledge Base Home link (located under the headphone icon in the upper-right corner) has been updated to the new Kigo knowledge base.

Updates to Property Detail Page

The Property Detail page has been updated to include the public headline that is used in Kigo websites and guest communication as well as the internal name used by the Kigo application.
ID: 0006924

Improved International Currency Handling on My Services Page

The My Services page now displays billing amounts listed in the Cost column based on preferred billing currency. For example, if your company's preferred billing currency is defined as Euros, then the billing amounts listed in the Cost column of the My Services page are displayed in Euros.
ID: 0007122

Improved Automatic Property Suggestion Functionality

The Automatic Property Suggestion feature that is displayed on the Lead Request Detail page has been improved by factoring in additional details to increase the number of available properties suggested. Additional details including account sleeps and turn day rules have been factored into the this feature to improve the filtering process.
ID: 0007093 / KIGO-27

Tax Detail Screen Updated

The Calculation heading has been moved to better reflect the structure of this page.
ID: 0007124

Azerbaijani Manat (AZN) Currency Now Available

Financial transactions,rates, deposits, and other information can now be converted into manat, the currency of Azerbaijan.
ID: 0007112

Lead Request Summary Improved Search Functionality

On the Lead Request Summary page, previously you could search for lead requests, even if the Check In From date was after the Check In To date. This issue has been corrected. Now you cannot perform a search for lead requests unless the search parameters are valid.

Amount Due Now Statement Smart Tag Displays Correct Amount

In some instances, the Amount Due was incorrectly displayed as $0.00 on e-mail reminders, even when a balance was due. This issue has been corrected.
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