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Updated Vrbo integration – General information

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We are updating the Kigo-Vrbo integration to offer you the latest integration available.
This integration will offer:
  • More visibility: Eligibility for distribution to the 750M visits to the Expedia Group family of sites every month.
  • More data: Price Consistency is the foundation for access to the power of HomeAway data. HomeAway can offer Market Level data for supply, demand, occupancy, pricing and forecasting.
  • More tools: If  you’re a Premier Partner, you gain access to Boost. Boost is designed to help you improve your listing’s search position for select days. This means your listing can show up higher in traveler search results! See Boost FAQs here.

Which changes should you expect?

The new integration comes with some changes. These changes are determined by Vrbo in order to deliver a best service to guests and property managers. 
The following are the most important changes you need to know of (they will be explained in more detail as well):
  • Cancellation policies
  • Renter minimum age
  • Rental Agreement
  • Reservation process flow

Cancellation policies

Vrbo has limited the set of cancellation policies that PM can choose from. In this new integration they offer a clear set of rules that are easier to understand for guests and PMs. Here you have the information on the rules and their conditions:
We have adapted our connection to automatically select the rule that best matches your online charge rule. The following are the corresponding rules:
 Online charge rule “Remainder due” Vrbo Cancellation policy 
> 60 d STRICT 
between 30 and 60 FIRM 
between 14 and 29 MODERATE 
between 7 and 13 RELAXED 
< 7 days NO REFUND 

Renter minimum age

The renter minimum age needs to be sent from Kigo (in the past, you might have edited it within your Vrbo dashboard).  
For now, it is set by default to 18 years old. Kigo’s development team is working on including a functionality that will allow you to manually define the renter minimum age that you prefer. 

Rental Agreement

A rental agreement is an agreement between you and your traveller about your expectations and legal relationship (source: Vrbo). For a listing integrated through a Channel Manager, the Rental Agreement is mandatory.
We’re sending the Rental Agreement from:
  • Properties > Booking Settings > Rental Policy in English (US or GB). 

The rental agreement is displayed by Vrbo in the booking process as a PDF that the guest can download before confirming a reservation. Even if the guest doesn’t download the rental agreement, he needs to agree to it before he can confirm the booking. 
Therefore, it is very important that you have a clear and detailed Rental Agreement available, as: 
  • It shows you are a professional property manager and  
  • It protects you. It’s the document that will expose the rental conditions to the guest, to which he will need to agree.   

Reservations process flow

  • Before the upgrade, Vrbo would show a price to travelers in search. Then, when a traveler went to checkout, Vrbo would confirm the price with Kigo. This could have resulted in travelers seeing different prices from search to checkout.
  • The upgrade is designed to ensure the price a traveler sees is the same in search all the way to checkout. Vrbo will no longer confirm the price with Kigo.
*In order to deliver matching price calculations for bookings, we have reviewed the Kigo fees, taxes and Specials calculations and compatibility. Please read more on specific changes in the following articles: We encourage you to make changes to your configurations if any of the mismatching settings applies to your business strategy. If you are not able to make changes and the reservations calculation that Vrbo and Kigo  don’t match when a booking is created, Kigo will take different actions based on the discrepancy “symbol” (more expensive or cheaper) and the % difference: 
Symbol% of differenceWill Kigo 
create  the reservation? 
Actions that Kigo will take
+ (more expensive than expected)                                  Any %                Yes                      We will add an “adjustment” line item with the difference (Vrbo amount sent - Kigo calculation amount)
- (cheaper than  expected)          Less than 15%Yes                We will add an “adjustment” line item with the difference (Kigo calculated amount – Vrbo amount sent)
- (cheaper than expected)More than 15% (significant revenue loss for PM)                 No            (we will not accept the reservation due to rate being too cheap and this being a risk for the PM)   

Rate Calculation Rules

The rates that the reservation will need to accept are the ones calculated by Vrbo (unless they’re 15% lower than Kigo’s, in which case, the reservation won’t be accepted) so we recommend to have matching settings between Kigo (in the Booking settings section) and Vrbo and use the Rate Calculation mode, Lock rate in on day of check-in = Use Start Rate Until Rate Changes / Rate mode = standard (if you can't find these options in Kigo's Booking settings page it means they're correctly configured). 
User-added image
Any other rate calculation mode (Use Start Rate For The Entire Length Of Stay and Use Start Rate For Its Entire Length Of Stay) set up in Kigo will cause the reservations to be calculated differently between Vrbo and Kigo, so booking adjustments will need be applied to all of them on your Kigo statement.  

*NOTE: Of your interest, if you have been advised to do changes to your configuration. Otherwise, please disregard.




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