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Star Ratings

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Star ratings are used to classify hotels, vacation rental properties, and other lodging sources, based on the level of quality and service. When assigning a star rating for your properties and developments, make sure to be as accurate as possible, to help set your guest's expectations. The list below describes each star rating in detail.

Star Rating


Example Hotel Chains

5 Stars

This is a luxury lodging, constructed of quality building materials and well-appointed furnishings. These properties are the absolute best.

Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons

4 Stars

This is a high quality lodging with fine furnishings.

Hyatt, Marriott

3 Stars

These lodgings have the best quality to cost ratio. Simpler furnishings than a four star property.

Holiday Inn, Hilton

2 Stars

These lodgings are a great value, and do not have any extra amenities that may increase the price. These properties have good basic furniture and simple decor.

Days Inn, LaQuinta Inn

1 Star

This is the best value. These properties are usually small or medium-sized, with few amenities.

Econo Lodge, Motel 6





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