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Occupancy Dashboard Introduction

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Introducing the Occupancy Dashboard

Ever wish you could see how your business was performing literally any time you wanted to?  Well, with Kigo’s occupancy dashboard,  you can. The occupancy dashboard allows you to track crucial key performance indicators and measure what matters the most to you.

The occupancy dashboard is packed full of powerful statistics. Here’s a glance of what you can track in just seconds.
  • Guest Occupancy %
  • Gross Rental Revenue
  • Nights Booked
  • Bookings
  • Average Daily Rate
  • Revenue per Available Unit
  • And more!
This data is great, but to really add some perspective, we allow you to also quickly see year-over-year comparisons:
  • By Year to Date
  • By Month to Date
  • By Week to Date
  • And by the Previous Day
You can also filter the data in a click:
  • By Property
Want to create your own analysis? Simply export the grid data to excel. It’s that easy!

To learn more about the Occupancy Dashboard, see the Occupancy Dashboard help topic.




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