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Required Setup: All roles can view this page.

Scope: This feature is available in all versions of Kigo.

About the Login Page

The Login page is the first page that appears when you open Kigo. From this page, you can log on to Kigo using your assigned user name and password. You have the option to keep yourself logged on to the application after you close it. If you have forgotten your password, there is a link to take you to the Password recovery page where you can have your password e-mailed to you. Additional help is also available at the support number shown on the page.

Kigo Login Page

If your Kigo session is open and you are inactive for fifteen minutes, you are automatically logged out of the Kigo application and returned to the Login page. When this happens the Login page displays a message that you must log back on if you want to continue using the Kigo application.

Field Definitions

  • Username: Enter the user name (usually an e-mail address) associated with your profile. If you do not know your user name, contact Kigo support for assistance at or (469) 617-5446.
  • Password: Enter the password associated with your profile.
  • Keep me signed in: Click this field to have your browser remember your log on information on your current computer. If you choose this option, you do not have to log on to Kigo each time you visit, even if you restart your browser or computer. This remains in effect until you log off of the application.
  • Forgot Password: Click this link to open the Password recovery page if you cannot remember your password.
  • Support: This is the Kigo support phone number.

Logging on to Kigo

  1. Enter your user name in the Username field.
  2. Enter your password in the Password field. If you have forgotten your password, click the Forgot Password link and have your password e-mailed to you.
  3. If you would like Kigo to remember your log on information, click Keep me signed in. The selector turns blue to indicate you turned on this option.
  4. Click the Sign in button. The Kigo application opens to the Home page.

    If your log on fails, note that you have six attempts to log on. If you exceed six log on attempts, you are locked out of the Kigo application. An e-mail message is sent to you notifying you of the lockout. To restore access to your Kigo account, you must contact Kigo support for assistance at or (469) 617-5446.

    If your password is expired, the Change password page appears requesting that you change your password to continue. You must change your password before you can proceed to any other page. Once you change your password, you are taken to the Home page. Your Kigo password expires every 90 days.

Resetting Your Password

You can reset your password if you have forgotten it.

  1. Click the Forgot password link. The Password recovery page opens.
  2. Enter your user name in the Kigo login field.
  3. Click the Send password reset request button. The Password reset e-mail message is sent to the e-mail address you have registered with Kigo. This message includes instructions for resetting your password. You must reset your password within fifteen minutes of receiving the e-mail message, since your temporary password expires after that time.
  4. Click the link in the Password reset e-mail message. The Password reset page opens.
  5. Type your user name into the Enter your login field.
  6. Type a new password into the New password field. Your password must meet the password requirements, which you can find in the box that opens when you click in the New password field.
  7. Retype your new password into the New password confirm box.
  8. Click the Change password button. Your password is changed to the new password you created.

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