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HomeAway Integration Guide

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Required Setup: To complete the activation in Kigo, you must be assigned one of the following roles: General Manager, Marketing Manager, or a Custom role that includes the Solution permission.

About the HomeAway Integration Guide

The attached guide provides the steps you must complete to activate the connection between Kigo and The HomeAway Integration guide, also called the HomeAway Distribution Guide, provides information on the following:

  • Activating your listings
  • Listing content information
  • Selecting online booking settings
  • Data fields on listings
  • Amenities in Kigo
For the activation overview steps on HomeAway end, please refer to following article “Using Software to Manage your Listings”.

These guides are intended for the benefit of your business and may include observations regarding the perceived practices or procedures of third parties. Kigo does not represent such third parties and you are encouraged to contact them with any questions relating to their practices or procedures.

Additional Information/Related Topics

Suggesting you check out also the HomeAway Discovery Hub (DH) that is available in all languages and gives you useful tips on your listing performance optimization. On DH homepage, select ´Viewing as an Integrated Property Manager´ at the top right corner, and then go to Tips & Resources > Success on HomeAway. There is wide section on how to make your listing attractive and convert better!

List of all the EU DH links in 6 different languages:




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