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Universal Search Term: To locate this page quickly, search for Fees.

Location: Setup – Booking Engine – Fees

Required Setup: In order to view this page, you must have the role of General Manager, or a custom role that includes the Solution permission.

If you want to apply the fees to specific properties, ensure that the properties have been created.

Scope: This feature is available in all versions of Kigo.

About the Fees Page

From here, you can manage the fees that are available to your properties. You can choose to view active or inactive fees, make changes to existing fees, and create new fees here. You can calculate fees in a variety of ways, allowing you maximum flexibility to increase revenue on your bookings.

Fees are surcharges added to the guest's statement. When creating new fees, you have a great deal of flexibility to configure how the fee is applied. For example, a fee can be optional or mandatory. The fee can be applied nightly, once per stay, or per person.

In Kigo, you can create several different types of fees, including:

  • Booking: Some properties may choose to implement a booking fee, in order to absorb some of the costs associated with making a booking, such as long distance calls to guests, postages, and credit card fees.
  • Upsell: Use this fee to optionally add additional value to your guest's stay, such as tickets for a nearby attraction, or to provide additional amenities for the guest.
  • Cleaning: Use this fee to add cleaning costs to the guest's statement.
  • Deposit: If you want to collect a security deposit, use this fee to show the deposit on the guest's statement.
  • Extra Person: If you want to charge a fee when additional people are staying at the property, use this fee.
  • Insurance: If you want to add an additional line item on the guest's statement for insurance, use this fee.
  • Cancellation: If a guest cancels their booking, use this fee to charge a cancellation fee in order to recoup some of the costs associated with lost booking.
  • Other fee: If you want to create a fee that doesn't fall into any of the previous categories, use this fee. This fee type also allows you to create vendor-based fees.

The top section of this page includes a variety of search filters that you can use to help find a specific fee. The lower section of the page lists the fees, with the most recently added or modified fees listed first.

Fees Page

Some common actions that you can performed include:

  • Adding a New Fee
  • Modifying the Status of a Fee
  • Deleting a Fee

Field Definitions

Search Filters

  • Type: Use this filter to show fees of a specific type. Select the appropriate type from the drop-down list. Fee types include:
    • Booking
    • Cleaning
    • Deposit
    • Extra Person
    • Insurance
    • Cancellation
    • Other
  • Status: Use this filter to display fees based on the status. Options include:
    • All: Choose this to display all fees, regardless of status.
    • Active: Choose this to display only active fees.
    • Inactive: Choose this to display only inactive fees.

Fees List

  • Name: This is the descriptive name of the fee. A status icon indicates the status of the fee. A green status icon signifies that the fee is active and can be applied, while a red status icon signifies that the fee is inactive. You can sort the fee list alphabetically by clicking the Name column header. An asterisk appears next to any fees added manually.
  • Type: This is the fee type assigned when the fee was created. You can sort the fee list alphabetically by clicking the Type column header.
  • Fee: This is the fee amount. This can be a flat amount, or a percentage.
  • Start: This is the first applicable check-in date for the fee to be charged. This field may be blank. You can sort the fee list by start date by clicking the Start column header.
  • End: This is the last check-in date that the fee can be charged. This fee may be blank. You can sort the fee list by end date by clicking the End column header.
  • Effective: This is the first date that the fee becomes available to be charged, and the date that the fee appears on the booking statement as an option for billing.
  • (Scope): This displays the range of the fee. There are two possible options:
    • Applies to All Properties
    • Applies to Specific Properties

Adding a New Fee

Each type of fee that you create has slightly different configuration options. The steps below provide an overview. For detailed instructions, search for the specific fee that you are adding.

  1. From the Fees page, click New, and then select the type of fee that you wish to add.
  2. At the General section, enter the basic information about the fee including the Name, Status, and Applicability.
  3. At the Values section, enter details about the fee cost, including the Amount, Default Qty, and the active dates for the fee.
  4. Complete the Number of Nights section or Number of Persons section to specify additional fee limits.
  5. At the Options section, you can specify how to display, charge, and tax the fee. You can also specify what portions, if any, pass through to the property owners.
  6. Some fees also include an Advanced section that allows you to specify a Vendor and Vendor Cost, as well as export details for third-party accounting software.
  7. In the Description section, enter a short description of the fee.
  8. In the Notes section, enter any additional internal notes related to the fee.
  9. Click Save.

Modifying the Status of a Fee

  1. From the Fees page, use the search criteria to locate the fee that you want to work with.
  2. Click anywhere on the appropriate fee displayed in the Fees List. The fee opens.
  3. Make any necessary changes.
  4. Click Save.

Deleting a Fee

  1. From the Fees page, use the search criteria to locate the fee that you want to remove.
  2. Select the associated check box for the fee.
  3. Click More Actions, and then choose Delete. A confirmation message displays.
  4. Click OK to delete the fee, or click Cancel to keep the fee.

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