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Document Template Reference: Prebuilt Templates

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Document Template Reference: Prebuilt Templates

The templates listed here are provided by default in Kigo. You cannot make changes to these templates, but you can use them as a starting point when creating new templates.

E-mail Auto Responder Document Templates

  • Booking Cancellation Responder
  • Booking Confirmation Responder
  • Booking Inquiry Auto Responder
  • Booking Payment Reminder
  • Booking Statement E-mail
  • Default Auto responder
  • Help Booking E-mail
  • Lead Inquiry With Stay Information
  • Maintenance Status Changed Notification
  • Package Selected Confirmation
  • Property Inquiry Auto Responder
  • Property Inquiry No Availability
  • Prospective Owner Inquiry Response
  • Send Attraction To a Friend
  • Send Property To a Friend
  • Task Status Changed Notification

Agreement Document Templates

  • Privacy Policy
  • Safe Harbor Policy
  • Terms of Use

Marketing E-mail Document Templates

  • Default Booking Inquiry Response
  • Default Event Responder
  • Default Lead Inquiry Response
  • Default Property Inquiry Response
  • Sample Marketing E-mail

Notification E-mail Document Templates

  • Booking Confirmation Notification
  • Default Notification
  • Invoice Statement E-mail
  • Lead Request Assignment Notification
  • Maintenance Assignment Notification
  • New Blog Comment Notification
  • New Extranet User Welcome E-mail
  • New Review Notification
  • New User Signup Notification
  • New User Welcome E-mail
  • Newsletter Notification
  • Overdue Event Notification
  • Owner Notification of Control Panel booking
  • Owner Statement E-mail
  • Package Selected Notification
  • Password Recovery
  • Pre-Stay Welcome E--mail
  • Property Inquiry Notification
  • Property Manager Notification of Owner Booking
  • Prospective Owner Inquiry Notification
  • Reminder E-mail
  • Task Assignment Notification
  • Website Subscription Payment Failed
  • Website Subscription Payment Notice
  • Website Subscription Payment Processed

Other Document Templates

  • Booking Details (Internal Use)



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