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Data Sync Setup

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Location: Websites – (Web site name) – Edit – Kigo – Data Sync

Required Setup: In order to view this page, you must be assigned the role of General Manager, Marketing Manager, or a custom role that includes the Solution permission.

Scope: This feature is available for Kigo Plan 2 and above.

About the Data Sync Setup Page

Use the Data sync setup page to import all of the data content that comes from the Kigo application. It has three sections including Initial configuration, Property pages synchronization information, and Base URLs.

Data Sync Setup Page

Initial Configuration

In the Initial configuration section, you can create the default pages for your web site. The table below describes each of the default pages created.




Homepage of the web site



– Search

List of properties after a search query

– All rentals

List of all properties

–– Property details

Property information, photos, rates, location, reviews, etc

– Search buckets

List of search buckets

–– Search bucket details

Search bucket details and a list of the properties included

– Developments

List of developments

–– Development details

Development details and list of properties included

– My list

List of the properties wishlisted by the visitor


List of special offers

– Special details

Special offer details and the properties they apply to


List of attractions and their location in a map

– Attraction details

Attraction details and nearby properties



– About us

Company information

– Services

Services that are offered by the company

– Guest information

Information for guests

– Owner Information

Information for property owners

– Travel insurance

Information on travel insurance

– Contact us

Company contact information and contact form

– Blog


–– Blog post

Blog post

Make booking

Summary of a reservation

Make a payment

Page where clients can make a payment for a booking

Rental policy

Rental policy

Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Terms of use

Terms of use

Static page

Any page manually added to the WordPress dashboard

Property Pages Synchronization Information

The Property pages synchronization information section lets you force a full properties synchronization. Forcing a full properties synchronization lets you update your properties earlier than the next scheduled data synchronization. You might use this if you update property information in the Kigo application and want to see those changes in your web site as soon as possible.

Base URLs

The Base URLs section shows the current URLs for many of the pages in your web site. This section provides only a view of these URLs.

Field Definitions

Base URLs
  • Property: This is the base URL defined for your web site's All properties page.
  • Developments: This is the base URL defined for your web site's Developments page.
  • Attractions: This is the base URL defined for your web site's Attractions page.
  • Specials: This is the base URL defined for your web site's Special offers page.
  • Search buckets: This is the base URL defined for your Default search page.

Creating Default Pages

  1. Click the Create default pages button in the Initial Configuration section. A box appears asking you to verify that you want to set up the menu system.
  2. Click OK. The Setting up menu system box appears, which after a few seconds provides a list of the generated pages.
  3. Scroll through the list to view the pages.
  4. Click the (Close) button to return to the Data sync setup page. You can view the created pages on the Pages page.

Forcing Full Properties Sync

Click Force full properties sync in the Property pages synchronization information section. The Loading button appears while the synchronization is in progress. Once the synchronization is complete, the information in the section is updated.

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