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Location: Websites – (Web site name) – Edit – Appearance – Customize

Required Setup: In order to view this page:

  • You must be assigned the role of General Manager, Marketing Manager, or a custom role that includes the Solution permission.
  • The Kigo discovery theme must be selected in Appearance – Themes.

Scope: This feature is available for Kigo Plan 2 and above.

About the Customizer Page

The Customizer page, also called the Customize theme page, is the location where you can make changes to your web site and live-preview the changes. You can customize various aspects of your theme and your web site, including the colors, layouts, widgets, menus, and more. This page displays a fully functional view of your currently selected theme. As you customize the page, the appearance of the theme changes to give you a chance to preview your selections.

Much of the functionality of the Customizer page is controlled by WordPress. For more information, see Appearance Customize Screen in the WordPress codex.

The Customizer page is only available if you have the Kigo Discovery theme selected.

Field Definitions

  • Menus: Select this option to make changes to the menu links for the Footer menu, Header menu, Legal menu, Logins, and Main navigation menu. You may also add a new menu.
  • Widgets: Select this option to add widgets to predefined regions that include Header left, Under header left, Footer left, Home, Header right, Under header right, and Footer right.
  • Global styles: Select this option to make changes to the colors, backgrounds, and typography of your web site. These changes are applied throughout your entire web site.
  • Global settings: Select this option to make changes to your web site's favicon, phone number, and weather location (WOEID). You may also select whether to include Facebook buttons, which only display on the Property detail page.
  • Social icons: Select this option to create icons linking social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram. You may also add a social icon for a blog. Once created, the icons appear in the top-right header of your web page.
  • Page: About us: Select this option to change the title, subtitle, text color of the title/subtitle, and hero image on your web site's About us page.
  • Page: Contact: Select this option to change the subtitle, left-side content, and content under the map on your web site's Contact page.

Customizing Menus

  1. Click the Menus field. A list of menu types opens.
  2. Click the menu type you want to customize. A list of the menu items for that type opens.
  3. Click the menu item you want to customize.
  4. Enter the URL in the URL field.
  5. Enter the menu name in the Navigation label field.
  6. Enter the hover text in the Title attribute field, or leave the field blank to default to the navigation label.
  7. Click the Save & publish button.

Customizing Widgets

  1. Click the Widgets field. A list of predefined regions opens.
  2. Click the region where you want to customize widgets.
  3. If you want to remove a widget, click the widget to expand it and then click Remove.
  4. If you want to modify a widget's content, click the widget to expand it and enter the needed updates in the fields.
  5. If you want to add a widget:
    • Click the Add a widget button.
    • Click the widget you want to add.
    • Enter the needed information in the widget's fields.
  6. Click the Save & publish button.

Customizing Global Styles

  1. Click the Global styles field.
  2. Click the global style you want to customize.
  3. If you selected Colors or Backgrounds, for each area you want to change click the Select color button and select a new color.
  4. If you selected Typography, click the drop-down arrows for the Title font and Body font fields and select the needed options.
  5. Click the Save & publish button.

Customizing Global Settings

  1. Click the Global settings field.
  2. In Favicon section, click the Default button to use a default favicon, or click the Select file button and choose a favicon from your computer/media library.
  3. Enter a phone number in the Phone number field.
  4. Enter a where on earth identifier (WOEID) in the Weather WOID field. If needed, click the Lookup WOEID link to identify the WOEID.
  5. Select an option in the Temperature scale field.
  6. Select the Facebook buttons option if you want to include Like and Share buttons on Property detail pages.
  7. Click the Save & publish button.

Customizing Social Icons

  1. Click the Social icons field.
  2. Enter the appropriate URL into each social icon field.
  3. Click the Save & Publish button.

Customizing the About Us Page

  1. Click the Page: About us field.
  2. Enter a title in the Title field.
  3. Enter a subtitle in the Subtitle field.
  4. Click Select color and choose a color for the title and subtitle.
  5. Select a hero image using either of the following methods:
    • Click the Default button to select the default image.
    • Click the Select file button and choose an image from your computer/media library.
  6. Click the Save & publish button.

Customizing the Contact Page

  1. Click the Page: Contact field.
  2. Enter a subtitle in the Subtitle field.
  3. Enter content for the left side of the page in the Left field.
  4. Enter content to appear below the map in the Under map field.

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