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Channel Manager

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Channel Manager

One of the most important features of Kigo is certainly our Channel Manager. It allows you to share and promote your properties created in Kigo with multiple Portals and Agencies around the globe, by sincronizing your calendars, property information, rates etc. The Channel Manager allows you to easily manage your incoming reservations, inquiries and cancellations directly from your Kigo Back Office. Thus, you only need to keep your Kigo Calendar up to date and this one will sincronize your availability information and rates to all the selected portals.
Important: You will need to setup an account with each portal you would like to collaborate with first i
n order to share your properties with them.

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Preferred Channels

The section "Preferred Channels" will show you the main portals Kigo is collaborating with:, HomeAway and Flipkey/Tripadvisor.
The steps to get connected to the different portals may vary from one portal to another. Pick your portal from the following list:

  • HomeAway
  • For Flipkey, first click on the button Connect to send them a connection request. To speed up the procedure, we recommend you to get in touch with them directly after to be aware of the upcoming steps they need to take.

All Channels 
This section displays all our further portals you can connect with through Kigo:

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In order to get connected to any of the listed portals, first click on the button Connect to send them a connection request. We recommend you to get in touch with the portal right after this step to confirm the reception of the request and the upcoming steps to follow. For more details regarding the information we sincronize with each portal, please make sure to have a look at our portal connection status by clicking HERE.


My Channels

My Channels shows you the active portals of your account.

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The Shared Properties column indicates the number of properties you are sharing with the portal.

User-added imageThe Future Blockouts option allows you to block different periods for each portal.
User-added imageYou can use the rent Adjustment to increase or lower your rates for a specific portal or your own website.

Important: The option Rent Adjustment is not available for our preferred portals (, HomeAway, Flipkey/Tripadvisor) due to rate parity agreements between Kigo and the mentioned Portals.

Clicking on any portal will lead you to the following screen:

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Here you will find a listing of all your shared properties with the portal.

Important: You need to have a minimum data quality score of 4/5 in order to sincronize your properties with our portals.



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