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Location: Websites – (Web site name) – Edit – Kigo – Advanced

Required Setup: In order to view this page, you must be assigned the role of General Manager, Marketing Manager, or a custom role that includes the Solution permission.

Scope: This feature is available for Kigo Plan 2 and above.

About the Advanced Options Page

The Advanced options page provides several tools you can use to improve your web site's visibility and get statistics about your web site. This includes display related web sites, Google AdWords, scripts, and Google Webmaster.

Advanced Options Page

Display Related Web Sites

Display related web sites lets you select which web sites you want to link together for translations. The web sites that you select are included in your web site's menu. A flag appears in the menu indicating the language for each selected web site.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords creates ads for your web site. When potential customers search Google, your ad appears in the search results if the words they type in Google match your key words. For more information about Google AdWords or to set up an account, see the web site


You can include many different scripts on your web site. These scripts load after all the content for your web side is loaded. Popular scripts include Google Analytics, social media scripts, and CHATS.

Google Webmaster

Google Webmaster tools let you view statistics and analysis for your web site. You must verify that you own the web site for Google Webmaster to show you these statistics and information. Click More information from google help to view additional information about Google Webmaster.

Field Definitions

  • Display related web sites: Select each of the web sites that you want to link together as translations, or clear each web site that you do not want to link as a translation. By default all of the web sites are selected.
  • Google AdWords conversion key: If you want to use Google AdWords, enter the google conversion ID value for the Google AdWords conversions.
  • Google AdWords conversion label: If you want to use Google AdWords, enter the google conversion label value.
  • Google header scripts: If you want to add Google scripts, enter all the scripts you need for your web site.
  • Google Webmaster verification: If you want to use Google Webmaster, enter the HTML meta tag provided by Google Webmaster.

Adding Advanced Options to Your Web Site

  1. In the Display related web sites field, select the web sites that you want to link together as translations.
  2. Set up accounts for Google AdWords and Google Webmaster if you want to use them.
  3. Identify and/or create the scripts you want to use in your header.
  4. If you are using Google AdWords, enter your Google AdWords conversion values in the Google AdWords conversion key and Google AdWords conversion label fields.
  5. If you are using scripts, enter all of the scripts in the Google header scripts field.
  6. If you are using Google Webmaster, enter your HTML meta tag in the Google Webmaster verification field.
  7. Click Save Changes.

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