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Location: Websites – (Web site name) – Edit – Items – Add New

Required Setup: In order to view this page:

  • You must be assigned the role of General Manager, Marketing Manager, or a custom role that includes the Solution permission.
  • The Kigo discovery theme must be selected in Appearance – Themes.

Scope: This feature is available for Kigo Plan 2 and above.

About the Add New Item Page

You can add new items to use on your web pages from the Add new items page. This page lets you enter the title and description of the item, as well as select details such as publication, type, attributes, icons, and featured images. The Add new items page is only available if you have the Kigo Discovery theme selected.

Add New Item Page

Field Definitions

  • (Title): Enter the title you want to use for the item.
  • (Description): Enter a description of the item.
  • Publish: Enter the status, visibility, and publication date of the item.
    • Status: Enter the current status of the item. This may be Published, Pending review, or Draft. You can update the status by clicking the Edit link and selecting the new status.
    • Visibility: Select who can use this item. You may choose from Public (everyone), Password protected (only those with a password), or Private (only you). You can update the visibility by clicking the Edit link and selecting the new visibility.
    • Published on: Select the publication date of the item. You can update the publication date by clicking the Edit link and selecting the new date.
  • Type: Select the item type.
    • All types: Select the type of item you are viewing.
    • Most used: Select the most used item type.
    • Add new type: Click to quickly create a new item type.
  • Attributes: Enter the order you want the item to appear in on your web pages.
  • Choose icon: Select the icon you want used with the item type.
  • Featured image: Click the link to select a featured image.

Adding Items

  1. Enter a title in the (Title) field.
  2. Enter the item description in the (Description) field.
  3. In the Publish section, update the Status, Visibility, and Publication date as needed.
  4. In the Type section, select the type of activity.
  5. In the Attributes section, select the order you want the item to appear in on your web site.
  6. Click in the Choose icon field and select the icon you want associated with the item.
  7. Click the Set featured image link and select the featured image you want included with the item.
  8. Click the Publish button.

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