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Cancelling a Booking

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How to cancel a booking.
There are two options on how to cancel the booking in Kigo v2:

1. From the Booking Summary page 
a. Click Reservations > Bookings
b. Locate the booking you want to cancel. You may use the filters at the top of the page.
c. Click anywhere in the row where the booking information is located. The Booking Detail opens.
d. Click Change Status.
e. Click Advanced.
f. Select Cancelled from the Status field.
g. Click Ok.
h. Click Save

2. From The Calendar page
a. Click Reservations > Calendar
b.Select the date range on the Start and End fields.
c. Click Run.
d. Locate and click on the Booking that needs to be cancelled.
e. Click Edit Booking. The Booking Detail opens.
f. Click Change Status and select Advanced.
g. On the Status drop down, click Cancelled.
h. Click OK.
i. Click Save

For Kigo Legacy (kigo v1) account, you can cancel the booking by following these steps:
1. Under Reservations, click Confirmed.
2. Look for the booking.
3. On the Action drop down, select Cancel.
4. Click Yes.
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